Friendly, approachable Chartered Property Surveyors

Kevin Shaw & Associates are an experienced, independent firm of Chartered Surveyors based in Brockenhurst. We are trusted property surveyors serving Lymington and The New Forest. Offering a range of valuation and building survey services designed to suit all manner of properties, whether you’re buying, selling or simply looking to improve an existing property.

With industry press recently reporting that unexpected repairs cost UK homebuyers on average £5,750 and with only a fifth of UK homebuyer’s getting a survey, the remainder is at risk of finding hidden and often expensive horrors.

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Having a survey could save you thousands of pounds in the long run, giving you peace of mind at a time when you need it. Buying a house might be the single largest purchase you make. Remove the uncertainty with reassuring, qualified advice.

Remove the uncertainty

Our professional but friendly approach to surveys, or the “building health check”, will remove any uncertainty. We’ll supply you with a report written in plain English to reduce the risk of frustrations when you’re sitting at home, interpreting the findings.

We also go the extra mile and offer customers the chance to have our surveyor walk them through the survey face to face, on-site, often clarifying technical details which may be misleading when read in isolation. Our customers find this extremely helpful and reassuring, making us renowned property surveyors in Lymington and The New Forest.

Having undertaken property surveys across The New Forest for over a decade, we offer local market knowledge when it comes to valuations and building surveys.

Our reports are built on years of experience and an understanding of local markets, house prices and the practical aspects of construction.